What is Ozone


Ozone (O3) is a colourless, odorous gas which composes of addition of an oxygen (O) atom into the oxygen molecule (O2). O2+O1=O3.  It is an active form of the oxygen which carries high energy.  It is one of the most important gases in the atmosphere and helps to protect the biological balance in our earth.  It avoids the harmful beams.  It is never a gas that creates dirtiness as known incorrect. It allows the life on the earth.  In the present world, just breathing does not provide sufficient oxygen to our body.  Our body is continuously polluted by the toxins in the air, water and foods.  Especially the oxygen ratio in the city atmosphere is very below 21 percent (about 17 to 18 percent in city centres) and continues to decrease.  Billions of cells need energy to survive and continue functions and naturally oxygen is needed to provide this energy.  However, some habits such as our lifestyle, unhealthy nutrition, immobile life, stress, smoking, alcohol and some diseases such as aging, air pollution, lung and heart diseases, atherosclerosis causes entrance of insufficient oxygen into our cells and toxin collection.  Oxygenation decrease and toxin collection in the body are the most important reasons lying under the bad health.  This case creates a base for chronic tiredness, early aging, cancer and other diseases.  Ozone therapy appears as a very important treatment method which provides the oxygen needed by the tissues and cells and decreases the toxic accumulation. Ozone therapy may relieve or eliminate the problems of our age such as headache, exhaustion, decrease on joy and working desire, wearing of vital organs and early aging which are not accepted as diseases by recovering this two negative cases.  Consequently, ozone therapy is a treatment which has a high protection efficiency (ultra preventive) and treats many diseases at the same time from their origin with almost zero side effect. Slowing down the aging and vigorous effects have carried this therapy to the top about anti-aging. It is strongly possible that persons who receive 1 cure at least for each year will have positive differences according to the persons on the same age with both appearances and physical performances.  It is actually an important treatment form for the past, present and future which has been in service of the medicine for a long time and has been tried to made forgotten by big drug manufacturers.