Weight Loss


The β-HcG Health Package which has been applied in many countries for almost twenty years and it is not only a weight loss program, but also has a supportive feature on treatment of some diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol level and high blood pressure satisfies the beneficiaries.  Therefore, we apply blood tests after the first interview with our patients.  According to the test results, the person injects β-HcG around her/his belly button for a period varying between 30 and 60 days with a special diet.  I have observed a psychological relieve in may patients who have completed the treatment yet.  According to their statements, we know that their life aspect changes, their sleep settles, and increases on sexual performances and activations of the daily life occur.  Patient compliance is very well for the treatment and many patients request to have the second cure.  The treatment is easy and safe to apply and provides complete compliance to the diet program.  Weight loss occurs rapidly if applied correctly and body shaping is provided after the therapy. 

What is β- HcG? (ß- HcG =Beta Human chorion Gonadotropichormone) HCG is a glycoportein and is produced from trophoblastic cells of the placenta.  It consists of two separate chains called alpha and Beta (ß).  It accelerates weight loss, it is easy to apply and facilitates to loose weight after.  Obesity is not a condition to be over weight only.  Therefore, to apply a diet program only does not treat the obesity, it helps. HcG effects on hypothalamic level.  It corrects the hypothalamic disorder and affects the fat metabolism then.  Therefore, HcG is a good helper for obesity treatment.  Mechanism of Action: * It accelerates the metabolism in fatty tissue, creates lipolysis through lipogenesis.  * It increases mobilization of fat deposits.  * It increases fat consumption on the peripheral tissue.  * Increase on free fat acids occurs with a single dose of ß- HcG in adults.  * It is considered that the area which is responsible from obesity is the hypothalamic zone.  * Like some diseases (such as pancreas in the diabetes, thyroid gland in hypothyroidism) findings devote to this zone for obesity.  

How is ß-HcG applied?  * The patient is informed with a preliminary interview.  * blood tests are performed at the day that treatment starts.  * According to the test results, β-HcG is injected around belly button of the person for a period varying between 30 and 60 days with a special diet. 


Question 1: Is it safe to loose weight with hormone injections? Dosage is very important for hormone use. Hormones administrated with required doses create the desired effect and no side effect is observed.  The BHcG hormone dose that we use (125 U) is 1 of 1500 of the amount produced in a pregnant woman (200,000 U) per day.  Hormone with this dose does not create any side effect.  5000 U BHcG hormone is administrated to a person for treatment of the infertility.  And no side effect is observed here. 

Question 2: Everybody certainly loose weight with a low calorie diet. What is the benefit of  ß- HcG  cure for us?  Answer: To become slim occurs within two forms. First; gaining weight is prevented.  This the duty of the diet program.  The aim of the diet is to prevent weight gaining first.  Second; to stimulate weight losing.  To consume calories by exercise and to increase the basal metabolism.  Fat cells are very difficult to destroy.  Duty of HcG starts here.  It provides to discharge fat deposits in fatty and fatless tissue.  Weight loss may be achieved with a low calorie diet; however the person who is on a diet should work, take care of her/his family and continue on social relationships.  Woman placenta produces HcG during the pregnancy period (from 6th week until 16th week).  The required energy during HcG treatment is provided from fat deposits on the abdominal and pelvic area in particular.  Low calorie diet prevents to refill the fat cells who have been discharged again.  The diet program includes protein, mineral and fibres. 

Question 3: The diet applied is  a low calorie diet.  Do I get hungry? Answer: Sufficient calorie is provided by dissolution of fats from fat cells by HcG.  This provides a sufficient energy for the person for daily activities.  Furthermore, the person does not get hungry thanks to HcG; however she/he may want to eat or chew something because of habits.  Some people want to eat more than the necessary and they think that they are hungry.  But, being hungry and eating desire are different.  In a placebo controlled, double blind clinical study, blood glucose level has been normal in the group who receive HcG and apply diet while it has been detected lower in the group who do not receive HcG and apply diet.  Consequently; while muscle tissue is lost in the people who apply diet without HcG, fat tissue loss is provided in patients who use HcG. 

Question 4: Is HcG treatment suitable for pregnant women to loose weight?  Answer: It is not recommended. 

Question 5: How much calories are consumed with HcG cure? Does the fat consumption increase if more dose of HcG is injected?  Answer: The fat quantity varies according to the fat amount deposited.  To inject more HcG dose does not have an effect.  (Dose increase does not have a benefit for the treatment.) 

Question 6: What are adverse events of HCG treatment and are there any contraindications?  Answer: First of all, it should be known that 200 thousand units of HCG is produced in pregnant women.  In this treatment, a daily dose of 125 to 150 units is administrated.  Therefore, it is a completely safe treatment.  Half life of HcG which is applied subcutaneously is 33 hours, therefore it is not deposited. 

Question 7: My period cycle has changed, may this be associated with the treatment?  Answer: No, there is no association. 

Question 8: If this method is effective, why does the drug industry invest on this largely?  Answer: HcG hormone is a natural substance such as blood.  Patent can not be taken in any case. 

Question 9: I apply HcG cure for two weeks, I could not loose weight as I have expected.  Why? Answer: 1. Did you drink water sufficiently for every day?  (No sugar, fat or milk should be used with the tea.) 2. Did you follow the diet strictly?  (No change even small should be done.)  3. Did you use any cream, body lotion? 

Question 10: Is it true that HcG prevents breast cancer?  Answer: There are studies indicating that HcG prevents breast cancer in women.  Furthermore, more dose than applied in the treatment package (125 IU/day) is used for some treatments other than weight loss (i.e. 5000 IU/day for in-vitro fertilization for 3 months).  There is not any side effect observed in these patients.