The Youth Serum PRP Provides You To get Younger with your Own Blood

What is PRP?

PRP which is the abbreviation for Platelet Rich Plasma is one of the best points detected for cellular therapy among skin rejuvenate methods today.  Platelet is the thromobocyte; and thrombocytes are cells present in our blood.  Their count is about 300,000 and their life is 4 days.  2-These cells with a diameter of 4 mm fulfils the tasks of coagulation or fluidity characteristics of the blood and clearance of the wound place for wound recovery.  Furthermore, growth factors released from thrombocytes provides wound healing by activating the cellular repair mechanism. 

Anti-aging and PRP association; 

Stimulation of the skin with lights, laser or chemical peelings is actually triggering the repair and rejuvenating the skin by limited damage.  In summary, to stimulate the skin by creating a very mild damage and activate the wound healing mechanism is a trigger to rejuvenate the skin.  Because cells become active after a stimulation; production starts by imitating the wound healing; they produce collagen and elastic fibres; circulation increases; stimulated area of the skin is cleared, purified; therefore skin colour becomes pale, vessels heal, the skin health is gained to be better than before.  If the skin is not stimulated, it gets old; it is like my slogan; but the thing I want to emphasize is that we may perform anti-aging and reverse the time by stimulating the skin by using correct methods appropriate for the skin with mechanical or chemical methods with or without needle.  

How effective is PRP alone? What are the consequences and how long does it effect?

The mentioned with cellular treatment method is to incite the cell operation and administrate needed materials.  This method has settled into an unchanged place in anti-aging treatment because it provides a media for growth factors which trigger the cellular operation.  Sole sufficiency of the PRP treatment will depend on the age, aging of the person and appearance and analysis result of the skin.  It is useful to apply even the skin has worn out from the sun and leaned out; or it may be applied to the skin which appears lifeless and pale. 

Does the treatment have any side effect?

This treatment is associated to administrate the autologous cell, namely her/his own cell to herself /himself, therefore it has no harm and may be applied; however it is appropriate that the physician who applies the treatment may support with correct therapies through expectations if necessary. 

Is it possible to create the same effect on any age group and skin type? 

Consequences of the PRP therapy is associated with the age of the person, sun protection form, smoking status, stress, nutrition and sleeping status.  It is valid for any treatment, human is an alive mechanism consisting of cells.  The cells triggered start to reflect tightening effects of the collagen, elastic fibres that they produce within 2 to 3 weeks; moist effect on the skin may be noticed earlier. 

Which aging problems can be solved in particular? 

It may provide a solution for non-homogenous colour problems of the skin exposed to sun as well as it may be useful for dryness or damage or skin eczema by increasing the defence on the skin.   It may be applied to gain health to any skin over 30 years.