Increase Your Life Quality

Ozone clinic invites you to become re-young. If you want to slip out your over weight, to increase your youth energy again, to be protected from diseases, to be rescued from your pains and to increase your life quality, it is possible with the ozone therapy, a natural and scientific therapy without side effects. Of course there are a lot of things to do against aging. To move more, to eat less and to be away from stress come first. However, there is a valuable method which resist to the early aging and may be applied by a physician only; ozone therapy. The aim of this method is to protect the youth energy for long years, to stay vigorous and to create a resistance against diseases. 

With the ozone therapy, better use of the oxygen by the tissues is provided; cell renewal increases, immune system gets strong and antioxidant system of the body is activated against free radicals which causes aging in the body.  Our cells also ventilate just like humans.  For this, it is essential to have oxygen molecules within the cells.  Cells and tissues which can not be oxygenated sufficiently due to smoking, not breathing correctly, aging and atherosclerosis due the aging may perform their functions with a higher rate after the ozone therapy.  Persons who have received ozone therapy have wellness and they feel themselves renewed.  Because of positive effects of the ozone therapy to the brain and blood circulation, rapid recovery is observed for the cases such as decrease in the physical capacity, dizziness, chronic tiredness, memory weakness.  By increasing effects of the blood circulation on the skin and presence of oxygen more, the skin id fed from inside and skin tightness increases like a skin of a young person and the skin shines healthily due to cell renewal.  It is known that ozone therapy has anti-aging effects as well as increases the life quality.