Health Source of the 21st century

What does ozone therapy mean for healthy people?  If you say that "is it necessary for me?", I may answer that "it is the most important care that may be applied for our body".  We try not to ignore maintenance of our car and take it to the service once or twice a year, don’t we?  Well,what do we do for our most valuable wealth, our body?  It is necessary to confess that most of us don’t do anything and we use our body badly and misuse it.  We remember our body only when we have a disease.  It is real that we feed worse in time.  There are harmful and undesired substances in almost everything that we eat, drink and breathe and we are exposed to these substances without noticing.  Smoking, stress, immobile life and unhealthy nutrition increase our toxin collection.  In a research conducted in USA, it was suggested that we intake approximately 2 kilos of toxins (agricultural medications and hormones, alcohol, exhaust and cigarette smoke etc.) in average per year.  Although some of them may be discharged from the body, some of them accumulate and make the water within our cells as a toxic mud lake.  In this case, we can not benefit from the oxygen coming to our cells and our energy consumption decreases.  This is one of the most important reasons of chronic tiredness and early aging.  What should we do to be purified from toxins, to stay energetic, healthy and young?  Ozone therapy comes here for help. It provides benefit with a multiple times of multi vitamins and antioxidant supports.   The anti oxidant system reaches its maximum capacity with the ozone therapy.  The cells get rid of the toxic mud lake and start to breathe and produce more energy again.  In other words, our cells have a detoxification.  This strong detoxification effect diffusing to the whole body cause to gain energy avoiding the chronic tiredness and cell renewal and amazingly positive changes on the skin.  You may have a skin which is more clean, tight but also soft and healthy as a result of reflection of your inside health to your face.  Besides all, ozone therapy strengthens the immune system, regulates hormone and enzyme production, relieves the nerves, decreases body pains and increase the sleep quality.  It makes the bran functions and memory strong.  It has very positive effects on the liver.  It provides rapid and effective solutions for over 100 diseases solely or with other drugs and it is also used as ultra-pereventive and anti-aging for healthy people. 

Ozone therapy deserves the praise to be the source for health and youth of the future. 

Dr.Başar Şenyüz