Detoxification and Infrared Ozone Sauna

Have you ever seen a toxin?  I see everyday.  If you want, you may see it by your eyes.  It is possible with an ozone sauna with a special headlight infrared (the most useful heat source for the body) which is not present anywhere else in Turkey now. The characteristics of this sauna is infrared is a real infrared and ozone is a real ozone.  Why do I say this?  I have examined many ozone sauna for 6 years yet, but there are problems in all in terms of efficacy.  Because infrareds on saunas which are told with infrared are simple and less efficient infrareds that we call stick infrareds.  When it comes to the ozone issue in the sauna, it is told that ozone is given by simple devices which is told to produce ozone so that you can not smell the typical odour of the ozone.  When it comes why I do not prefer the ozone sauna; you can not sweat enough in vapour saunas like infrared and toxin discharge is approximately 4 times of the vapour sauna because it diffuses deep heat by vibrating water molecules. Also this occurs on lower temperatures than vapour saunas (below 50 degree).  When I ask to my friends who have used the ozone sauna that if they have seen the toxin or not, they ask me "what is it like".  I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  We claim that we perform the most efficient detox in the world with our sauna.  Because when you get up from the towel that you sit for each sessions of 30 minutes and look at the traces that you have left, you comfortably see the black stains and you get surprise.  Some may think that that is the dirt.  We say them : please go to a Turkish bath and have a body peeling for the next time and you will see more (toxins).  Detoxification is discharge of toxins (toxic waste substances) from the body and people who care their health know the importance.  Those who don’t know learn it now.  So why is it so important to eliminate toxins?  Because these toxins are free radicals at the same time.  Free radicals are undesired molecules which wear and age our body and prepare a basis for some diseases such as cancer.  Duty of the antioxidant system of our body is to eliminate free radicals.  But it is not so easy.  Today is a toxic bombardment world. There are toxins in everything that we eat, drink, breathe.   It is hard for our antioxidant system to deal with this antioxidant system.  For example, you have bought tomatoes, pepper and cucumber and made a salad and ate it; you thought that you had a healthy meal, did not you?  You are wrong; are there any vegetables that hormone, agricultural medications are not used today?  Wash all you want, you can not remove the hormone or agricultural pesticide and these enter into the body as first class toxin.  Americans have determined that we intake approximately 2 kilos agricultural pesticide every year.  So what happens when toxin enters into the body?  Those who can not be eliminated by the antioxidant system start to accumulate in our body slowly and make the cellular water as a toxic mud lake by entering into the cell.  In this case, the cell can not use the oxygen well and produce sufficient energy (ATP) from the energy organelle that we call mitochondria.  This returns us as exhaustion and chronic tiredness.  Furthermore, desolation of our antioxidant system by the toxins ages our cells and us rapidly and earlier.  To have plenty of oxygen in our cells is very important to feel ourselves well and energetic.  I have explained the detox subject in summary.  So is it detox only?  Let us count what changes does headlight infrared ozone sauna make at the same time. 

1-) It provides muscle relaxation and removal of body pains by reducing the lactic acid. 

2-) It provides toxin discharge by oxidising them. 

3-) It eliminates microorganisms (bacteria, virus, fungus) on the skin. 

4-) It strengthens the immune system. 

5-) ıt oxidises the adrenalin and relieves the tension and the anxiety. 

6-) 400 calories are burned in vapour and approximately 600 calories (the energy burned by a person who has run 10 km) are burned in infrared for a session of 30 minutes.  It is helpful to loose weight. 

7-) You may say goodbye to 80% of your cellulites without doing anything for 12 to 15 sessions.  

8-) It provides a healthy, young, smooth and bright skin, eliminates the skin blemishes. 

9-) The person feels relaxed and comfortable at the first session.  You fell yourself as 10 kilos of load has been taken from your shoulders. You may see the increase of the energy level after 10 sessions. 

Dr. Başar Şenyüz